It appears so as one of our staffers here at JP Toys, AcroIguana, received this response from entertainmentearth while inquiring about new Camo shipments:

"Unfortunately, at the present time, we do not anticipate any further shipments for this item. Word has it, Hasbro has discontinued this wave's production and it is no longer available."

So is this indeed the final nail in the Camo coffin? It looks that way to me but if there's one thing we've learned from this wave it is to expect the unexpected! So stay tuned and we'll pass along more details as they become available. One other quick note to pass along to you today, forum regular Mr_Goodbytes has started a petition to let Hasbro know that we consumers would like to see a second series of JP3 toys! Will it work? Who knows but it sure couldn't hurt anything to give it a shot. So if you'd like to join in the effort, you can do so by signing here. It only takes a few seconds and you just never know what might happen. ;-)