Boy, this whole line just continues it's downward sprial! First they're up, then they're gone...who know's what to beleive! This time they're gone again but it's the 2 packs according to Mr_Goodbytes: "Once again, Entertainment Earth has removed a CamoXtreme Item. This time, however, it is the hatchling 2 packs that have been removed. The Confusion Continues!!! Here is my theory.... I think that Entertainment Earth recieved them early, so they began selling them. However, the shelf date was pushed back to April just like the others, and Hasbro has told them not to sell any more. In any case, they are gone. Let's just hope they bring them back." Who knows what's going on but you can make sure that we'll continue to keep you up to date on whatever happens with this mysterious line! A little site update for ya, it seems that our plans for the big JPTC anniversiary hit a bit of a snag (to no fault of our own but that's another story). Anway, things seem to be back on track for now so we just ask for your patience while we get things back in order. We think you'll find the wait well worth it! Have a great weekend!