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Thanks to CageMaker for bringing us this latest spotting at his local K-Mart: "Ya see I have found the camoXtreme 2 packs all over the triangle except K-mart they're sold out of JP toys! Well there was only one camoXtreme 2-pack there and it was with a military general they are taking our pride! They were on the top shelf I couldn't reach! But they are out right now!" So this morning we're down and now we're back up again! (read next story if you're confused :) Be sure and let us know if you happen to spot any!


Boy, this whole line just continues it's downward sprial! First they're up, then they're gone...who know's what to beleive! This time they're gone again but it's the 2 packs according to Mr_Goodbytes: "Once again, Entertainment Earth has removed a CamoXtreme Item. This time, however, it is the hatchling 2 packs that have been removed. The Confusion Continues!!! Here is my theory.... I think that Entertainment Earth recieved them early, so they began selling them. However, the shelf date was pushed back to April just like the others, and Hasbro has told them not to sell any more. In any case, they are gone. Let's just hope they bring them back." Who knows what's going on but you can make sure that we'll continue to keep you up to date on whatever happens with this mysterious line! A little site update for ya, it seems that our plans for the big JPTC anniversiary hit a bit of a snag (to no fault of our own but that's another story). Anway, things seem to be back on track for now so we just ask for your patience while we get things back in order. We think you'll find the wait well worth it! Have a great weekend!


A big thanks to everyone who particaipated in our first ever diorama contest! We had an overwhelming response with about 25 total entries (maybe more). Anyway, I think since this one went so well you can probably guarantee a second JPTC diorama contest in the very near future. O.K., now on to what everybody's been waiting for...the winners!

Movies Novel Fiction 1st - Ultra2k1 1st - Jurassic Joe 1st - Jurassic Joe 2nd - JPAction Man 2nd - Ultra2k1 2nd - Mr_Goodbytes 3rd - Jurassic Joe 3rd - rexforever 3rd - rexforever *Best Overall* - Ultra2k1 "The T-Rex Chase"

Congratulations to all the winners. Each winner will be receiving a siffy new logo that's having the finishing touches put on it as we speak. The last thing that I'll mention today is something very exciting! JPTC is now only 5 days away from our 1 year anniversiary and we have some very big surprises in store for you! What you may ask? Keep it here for more details because everything is being finalized as we speak and that process shouldn't take much longer. This is a very exciting time for us here at JPTC and we really think you're going to absolutely love what's in store...stay tuned!