One of the better DVD review sites on the web, DVD Review, has just posted their overall positive look at the JP 3 DVD. They've also posted a nice little behind the scenes look at Stan Winston's Studio called "Creature Features." Here's a snippet from the article: “I am in awe every time I walk into this room, just as you are now,” an energetic Stan Winston says when meeting me and a number of other journalists in the company’s conference room, which is filled with life-size creature exhibits from the movies he worked on. From one corner a T-Rex is staring at visitors, while the Terminator lets you look down the barrel of his gun. A beautiful Raptor is eyeing you as you take a seat and a gorgeous “Small Soldiers” diorama reminds us of some truly great movie highlights. But that’s not all, above it all tower creatures and monsters, filling up every available inch of the room, all of them so realistic-looking that it can in fact become frightening." Both the behind the scenes article and the DVD review itself are great. So what are you wating for...check them out! That's about it for today and what a day it's been! We'll be back soon with more so stay tuned!