First off, I want to thank the over 265 people that voted in our last poll! I'm pretty sure that's the most votes we've ever had here in one of our polls. In case you're interested in the results, here's what you most wanted to see in a JP/// series 2: Ultra Ceratosaurus (50) 19% Stegosaurus (4) 2% Ankylosaurus (24) 9% Gallimimus (15) 6% Maiasaurus (3) 1% Parasaurolophus (7) 3% Carnotaurus (26) 10% Ingen Laboratory (42) 16% Aviary (24) 9% Cooper/Nash/Udesky figures (61) 23% Other (7) 3%

Out of all of those it doesn't look like we'll get to see a single one in series 2. Which brings me to my latest poll question. What are your first impressions of series 2? Are they just a bunch of re-paints and re-issues or are you just happy to have anything at all? Be sure to let us know your opinion. One more thing to mention before I let you go. My good friend Carnotaur 3 has opened his own JP toy website and he wants everyone to stop by and check it out. So stop by and give that a look and we'll be back soon with more...stay tuned!