Since Saturday most of us have had some time to collect our thoughts on "Series 2". Could we have a new series on our hands or could this just be a bunch of re-paints from wave one & two? Theses are some of the many questions being pondered right now so I thought it would be fun to post some member reactions from our forums. Here's some of what's being said: Posted by Mr_Goodbytes: "Not all of them will be repaints. I bet it will be like JP series 2 was. Some repaints and a lot of cool new ones. Also, the 2 packs won't all be repaints. There are 4 Spinosaurs and 2 Rexs listed, but there were only 2 Spinos and 1 Rex." Posted by BlueWillow: I hate to say it, but I have this feeling we're all going to be majorly dissappointed.

So as you can see the opinions are pretty much split down the middle right now. Some people think this is nothing but a bunch of re-paints while others think it may be a mixture of both. We shall see but I just wanted to put it out here and let you get a feeling as to what other collectors are thinking. Remember to keep checking back for updates because we'll post any new information as quickly as possible.