You know it has to be some pretty major news for me to have a weekend update and this time it is! If you haven't checked the toy site "Entertainment Earth" recently then you probably haven't noticed that they have what apprently looks like a second series of JP/// toys up for pre-order. While the details are pretty sketchy right now, they did provide a list of what's included in each assortment: The "Ravage Dino 2-pack assormtent #1" ($60.99) includes the following: 4x Lava T-Rex and Velociraptor, 2x Arctic Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus, 3x Swamp Spinosaurus and T-Rex, and 3x Desert Spinosaurus and Velociraptor. The "JP3 Deluxe Biting Dino Assortment #4" ($77.99) will include: 2x Jungle Spinosaurus, 1x Night Raptor, and 3x Arctic T-Rex. Also available for pre-order is an Re-Ak A-tak Canyon T-Rex ($26.99). Everything they have listed shows a release date of February 2002 but they are quick to remind everyone that that date is subject to change. While this is new information and we don't have any photos (yet) you can be sure that JPTC will keep you up to date as more info. becomes available...stay tuned! (Thanks to Jurassic Toys & Alpha Carnotaur) Also, I just finished updating Steffi's dioramas with two more new ones. You can view them in the diorama section.