According to the Jurassic Park Institute, it looks like paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner may have recovered the largest T-Rex ever discovered! Here's a little blurb from the article: "Located in Montana's badlands near Bozeman, Horner describes the discovery area as being one of the richest fossil sites ever found. Digging in sediments 68 million years old, his team has recovered five T. rex specimens, several duck-billed dinosaurs, 50 Triceratops and a variety of other prehistoric materials that include crocodiles, turtles, and leaf deposits. Such plentiful and diverse discoveries will help Horner and his team to better understand the ecosystem that existed in this area 68 million years ago, which was just three million years before the dinosaurs vanished." Very cool indeed! And a big thanks goes out to one of our message board regulars Cool_Bambiraptor for pointing it our way! You can read the full story here or click here to view the video. We'll be back soon with more...later!