As you can already tell (unless you're new to the site) I've decided to go back to the old site layout for now. I just couldn't get use to the new design plus I received e-mails reguarly asking me why I changed it in the first place. Well, I'm not exactly sure but the original design is back for now and also, in case you haven't noticed, JPTC is now fully searchable! This should simplfy things for those of you out there looking for a specific item instead of having to wade through months and months of archives. I hope you find this feature as handy as I do! I'm also working on a little "About Us" type of page where you can get to know us all here at JPTC a little better (isn't that a scary thought?) :) Look for that later on this week. There's not really any JP toy news to pass along today but I do want to encourage those of you out there that haven't signed up as a member on our message boards to do so. With the toy news lacking these days, the JPTC forums are the place to be! Signing up is easy and painless so stop putting it off and come join us!