My good buddy Tyrant took some time to give us his thoughts on the Paul Kirby & Military Diver sets. He was even kind enough to take some pictures of them for us. Here's what he had to say: Diver: No boubt about it, this figure has no flaws! He has this really cool torpedo launcher to stop the aquatic monsters of Isla Sorna! His spinosaurus hatchling is far superior to Amanda Kirby`s spino. The coloring on it is superb! It`s grey, with a maroon colored sail, and metalic blue markings. This is a must for any Jurassic Park collector. I give the whole set a 10! Paul Kirby: Its ok, but whats with that coloring! He has a pink shirt, with olive green pants, and a goofy looking rip on the bottom of his left leg. And they didnt give him a mustach, and his hair is orange! He is still alot of fun to play with! But I think I am gonna re-paint him, he has a pretty cool net launcher. Now his stegosaurus is the best stegosaurus hatchling made! Its color is so cool, it was made so accurate, it looks close to the Stan Winston Studios one. I give the whole thing an 8, because of the stegosaurus.