Hot off the presses are these two reviews from our buddy Dan J. featuring the Tapejara and the Pack Raptor. Here's his reviews:


It's a bird!!! It's a plane!!! It's a JP3 Ptera with a new color scheme!!! NO!!! It's...TAPEJARA!!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist :-) ) I had seen pictures of this toy and was fully ready to hate it. And when I bought it from, I was already dreaming up an excessively negative review on it, saying how it was a cheap repaint, how the colors gave me flashbacks to those POS known as JP:CE toys, and how in all my diaromas it would be the dead and broken carcass providing food for all my other dinosaurs. Then I got it in the mail, and got a suprise. This is a really nice toy. First off: I would consider this more of a resculpt than a repaint, since the top of the head, wings and feet are different. The head and body are still pretty much the same, but that's ok. I really like the new sculpts, particularly how Hasbro actually sculpted a crest on the Ptera head, instead of being cheap and gluing one on. It looks nicer. I also like the little chunks missing from the wings of the Tapejara. It gave it sort of a realistic (sort of) touch. The colors blended a lot better than I expected, with the yellows and greens coming together real nicely. Look at the wings in particular, on the bottom, there is a nice green-to-white fade, and on the tops, there appears to be some sort of metallic paint that gives it a real nice shiny look. Are there any flaws? Of course. They used the same sounds from the JP3 Ptera on this. They did the same thing with the Pack Raptor, too, but that didn't bother me as much there, because they were the same species. Since the Ptera and Tapejara weren't the same, a different sound would have been nice. Also, forget about having it stand on it's feet: They aren't sculpted that way. Finally, the Hasbro toy people managed to bless the Tapejara with loose ball joints, just like it's predecessor. Overall: I did not believe Tapejara existed. And I did not believe that I would like it. But it does. And I do. 3.8/5


Some of you who have read my Alpha Velociraptor review on may remember me calling it "the DEFINITIVE raptor toy." Well, I lied. The wonderful Pack Raptor is in almost every way superior to the Alpha Velociraptor. For starters, it can actually move its jaw. That alone kicks it up for me. Also, the neck sculpt is designed a bit better, so that it can actually look at it's human prey. Call me crazy, but I like the color scheme here. It looks funky, but I think it works. It gives it a nice predator vibe. What would have made me give this toy an automatic 5, though, would have been to have it colored like one of the blue raptors in the movie. As I said before, the sounds are the same as that of the Alpha V, which brings me to an interesting point. Both the Tapejara and Pack Raptor have noises that can be triggered by a bone button. But since that is the only bone seen in the wound, it looks a bit out of place. It would have been better to have just colored it red like the rest of it. Now, I said that the Pack Raptor was superior in almost every way to the Alpha V. But that one can stand. The Pack Raptor has too much head and too little tail, which causes it to capsize forward unless supported, or unless you pose it so that one foot is flat and the other is resting on the corner of its heel. Also, the bottom jaw mysteriously juts out past the nose of the thing. Why? Overall: A big improvement over the Alpha V. It still has some bugs, but from now on, this will be the one attracting the attentions of my lovely