My apologies go out to "mrdinosaur2000" for not being able to post this review earlier in the week but today was the first time I've been able to get caught up on some reviews. Here's what he had to say: I bought the Tapejara at Target today, so here's my review: I personally think that this is one of the few gems of JP3 figures. I so far have been disappointed with what I saw, but the Tapejara is a completely different story. The Tapejara is basically a Pteranodon with a snazzy color scheme. The differences are close to none. The only difference I see is that the Tapejara has a crest thingy and a different name. So, this review covers not only the Tapejara, but (sort of) the Pteranodon as well. I’ll start with the “Re-ak At-ak” part. It isn’t really much. When you push the crest forward, the neck moves forward with it and the mouth opens, making a scream. The wound isn’t as bad as the other dinos, there isn’t really a bunch of bones sticking out. The wound’s just a little red splotch with a little white button in the middle for the Re-ak roar. The button looks pretty weird. It looks like some bone from who knows where just sticks out. It looks awkward. Oh well. Minor flaw. Now, the sculpting. The Tapejara is done really well. The figure itself is a tad big, but that’s ok. I like the color scheme more than the Pteranodon, though the Pteranodon looks a little more original. Poseability(sp?) is great; the wings have ball sockets in addition to moving up and down (there is a downside to this, read further), and the legs are also poseable. The neck can’t look around, but that doesn’t really detract. The mouth opens and the neck lunges forward which is pretty cool. As an added bonus, these guys look good next to the original JP figures. I like that. I like how they made the wings softer plastic and the body hard plastic. The head is soft plastic too. What we all hate: the downsides. The ball socket can get pretty loose. Mine was loose when I bought it. This can be solved, however, by sticking little pieces of paper to kind of tighten it or by putting a tad bit of glue. Another problem is that the Tapejara is simply a Pteranodon with a different head, which kind of sucks. The size is also an issue. The creature’s wingspan is as big as the Young Rex (JP) is long! That’s big. Despite these problems, though, the Tapejara (or the Pteranodon) is a fine addition to your collection of Jurassic Park toys. Showing off a snazzy color scheme, great sculpting, compatibility, and awesome sounds, this (these) flying reptile(s) should fly off the shelves. Mr. Dinosaur’s rating: 9.3/10 I hope this review was helpful! Thanks for reading! If you would like to send in any news or reviews make sure to drop me a line by using the submit news link at the top of this page. Well, I'm off to Florida this weekend in search of more wave two toys, wish me luck and have a great weekend everyone!