Here's a short but to the point review posted by Steve over at JP Aftermath that I thought you might enjoy. He has also updated his toy section with some boxed shots of the Brachiosaur from different angles. Here's the review: "I stopped in Toys `R Us yesterday and was lucky enough to nab a Series II Brachiosaurus. I guess someone new at the store put a few out on the shelves early by accident, so I doubt you guys would be able to find one. The Brachiosaurus head and neck are made out of a soft plastic (comparable to the previous JP toys) and the body is hard plastic like most of the other JP3 figures. The Brachiosaur makes two sounds, one is the "Re-Ak" sound when you touch a button on his 'dino-damage.' The other sound is the "Attack" sound made when the Brachiosaur swipes his tail sideways after you push his front leg down. The Series II toys will be available later this summer for $10.99 at Toys `R Us and just under $10 at Wal-Mart."