In another JPTC exclusive (thanks to Alex Gayhart) we are now showing you these never before seen photos of what could be a JP/// poseable Carnotaurus! Here's what he had to say about it: "I went to my local comic shop and they had a JP3 Poseable Carnotaurus I don't know if it's some kind of bootleg but it was pretty cool. It bends esier than the Spino and Raptor although it's arms are curved upward and cannot go down.It is red withblack Stripes and tan spots on certain places it's a bit bigger than the others it's the size of TLW Thrasher Rex." The details are a little hard to make out but you can definitely spot the JP/// mark on the leg of the Carno. Hopefully this addition to the poseable family will be better than the previous two attempts with the Spinosaurus and Velociraptor. If you happen to spot this guy and can take a high quality picture of it, please send it our way so we can share it with tht toy world! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. (Update- Apparently this particular Carno is available in Dinoland U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom. Some people are reporting that this may be the same Carnotaur from Disney's "Dinosaur" with a JP/// logo slapped on to make it look official. I guess you can take it for what it's worth and decide for yourself.)