While not really being toy related, I do know that there's a huge audience out there for these games and those people will enjoy this review. Since I'm not a big expert on them, I'll just shut my piehole and let Austin tell you about it. "The DNA Factor is a new game as many of you know, the GBA is new too! I love the new game! It is fairly difficult to play! There are hidden items and hidden paths that you must find! The object of the game is there was this airplane that crashed on Sorna and all of the DNA capsules were scattered on the Island! Your objective is to collect these different parts of DNA then at the end of each dificult level, there is an EXTREMLY HARD mini game! You must blast these rings to complete the DNA code! You can play as two characters! A guy photographer or a lady pilot! Overall I give it ***** 5 of 5 stars!" I hope you enjoyed that review and be on the look-out for another review of the Ultra-Rex by our man Nick on Monday. I've also noticed that several wave two reviews have been popping up on the inGenNet boards if you're interested. Have a great weekend everyone!