My good buddy and a regular contributor to this site, Dan, took time out of his schedule to give us his thoughts on the new Ultra T-Rex. Here's his review: Spino Dino may have won the grudge match in JPIII, but we all know who the real king is!!! I just got my Ultra T-Rex today from (excellent shipping by the way) and all I have to say is: Wow. I've seen this toy before in stores (after getting it offline of course) and played with it, but this thing is even better out of the package. MOB collectors, you don't know what you'll be missing. First off: All you JP fans out there freakin out about how small it's going to be, don't worry. It's definitely bigger than the Junior Rex from JP. I didn't have a ruler handy, but I know that the Junior Rex is about 7 inches tall, so I'd put the Ultra Rex at about 9 inches when posed like it was in package. Those who love the Real-Feel skin of the previous Rexes will just have to console themselves with the JPIII Tri-tops and Anima Spino, cause this doesn't have it. It doesn't matter much to me, though, because instead of the skin, you get poseability and really nice sculpting. I know I'll probably get mail for this, but all the wonderful big Rexes that Hasbro has put out before have been unposeable, non-freestanding pieces of plastic. Well, no more. Rexy stands quite easily, and can be posed in quite a few moods just by moving the legs. The detail is also quite amazing. The paint is really nice, even though instead of those yellow feet, we get greenish-ochre feet. Mine also has great, clear eyes. However, I've seen some Rexes with really bad eye detailing, so buy carefully. The actions are pretty nice. Of course, there's the screech when the rib cage is pressed. When you press down on the right arm (in package, that arm faces out at you), you get the attack roar. The mouth opens nice and wide, easily enabling Rexy to pick up any hapless Military Generals you might have, or even bite down on a raptor neck or two. The Anima Spino's jaw doesn't open nearly this wide. It also makes a stomping action, though many people have complained they haven't heard it. Here's the trick: After triggering the A-Tak roar, slam it (but GENTLY!!!) feet down onto a hard, flat surface to trigger the stomp. Gently banging the palm of your hand against the feet also works nice. Overall: This Rex is a true winner. True T-Rex nirvana. I know there are those that will never buy it, and hug their Bull Rexes closer when they read this, but to me, this is what Hasbro should have made in 1993. Detailed, poseable, free-standing, noisy, and able to eat your figures. To me, this is the true Ultra Tyrannosaurus Rex. 5/5.