My buddy Dan came through once again with a response from Hasbro regarding the new toys. Since I pretty much agree with Dan's response to what Hasbro had to say, I'll just let it speak for itself. Here's his e-mail with Hasbro's respnose in yellow: Interesting news today. While reading some posts on the IngenNET boards, I read a guy who had a theory that maybe there were more playsets coming out, and that the Raptor Attack playset was connectable to some other ones. I decided to check it out. I asked if there were more, and why the Raptor Playset is made up of old repaints. Here's their reply: "Thank you for contacting us. That is the only playset scheduled at this time. The repaints were done in order to keep the cost down. We appreciate your interest. Lois Consumer Affairs Department" I dunno about you, but I'm kinda mad at this. First, do they really expect collectors of JP merchandise to not know that the playset is made of repaints? And "to keep the cost down?" Why, so they can charge $50 for more fence pieces in the cynical hope that people will buy the same stuff twice? Maybe Hasbro doesn't realize it, but I for one would be willing to pay $50 for something new and cool, like the TLW Electronic Trailer. However, I refuse to pay that much for something I could dig out of my closet FOR FREE. I plan to write a letter of protest to Hasbro. This is completely stupid. The figure resizing I can take (and I can even like), but this response was too much.