Hot off the presses are theses two new reviews from our resident reviewer Nick. He took the time to review the Military General and the Eric Kirby figures. If you missed his first two reviews, check under the news for May 17th. Here's what Nick had to say: Military General & T-rex-This figure was the first with Dr. Alan Grant (see review). He is the tallest out of all the figures in this series. He’s about 4 inches tall. Half an inch taller. As most military people he wears a grayish green tank top with, a camouflage shirt and pants, dog tags, and black boots. On his left leg there’s a slash but the weird thing about it is that it’s not open. Well that’s for me, maybe it’s open for others but I don’t really know. He to comes with an oversized gun. To me it looks as if a heavy gas powered gun witch fires a long orange missile. What stinks about him is the gun is to big for him and it doesn’t stay in his hand. Included with him is a juvenile T-rex, which doesn’t satisfy my needs for a baby dino. To me it looks exactly like the bull T-rex from the lost world but smaller and in different colors. The Rex is brown and a grayish- greenish all over with black strips on its back. The dino is 2 1/2 inches tall and about 5 inches long. What I dislike most about it is that it stands up by a small plat form type thingy on each leg. It makes it look even worse. The Military General is probably the most detailed figure in the series. But the Dino could have been a lot better. The package is the same as all the rest but with a different name. The best feature of this figure is probably the details on it. So, I'd have to give this figure a 3.5 out of five stars. Eric Kirby & Alpha Pteranodon-This figure set is probably the best set in the series, well to me. The only negative thing about him is that he’s a bit too short. How short, well try 3 inches, that’s a little too short for my expectations. He is well detailed, but only his arms and hips move. His legs don’t move and he doesn’t stand up straight. He really doesn’t come with much besides a flashlight which stays in his hand (must have something to do with the movie). He wears a white undershirt, a red t-shirt with a tear on the end of the sleeve, green belt, blue shorts, brown backpack, And what seems to be either a GPS or a Gameboy. Included with this package is an Alpha Pteranodon. The Pteranodon is quite different than the TLW pteranodons. The dino is about 4 inches standing and its wingspan reaches a length of about 9 1/2 inches long. What makes it the coolest set is that the Pteranodon can grab Eric by the shoulders in it claws. That’s pretty cool to me. This too must have something to do with the movie?!? To rap up the review about this figure, Id like to say they did a wonderful job detailing him but they made him to small, but we can’t change that now. The whole set was really well detailed. So my overall rating for this figure is 4 stars out of 5. There are going to be things said that will be negative and some that will be positive. All we can hope for is that if there is going to be a forth Jurassic park movie that Hasbro will bring back the old sizes in the figures and weapons, but keep the size in the dino included. We can only hope!