Before we get to his great review, I would like to welcome Nick (jp3rapter) to our team here at JP TOYS CENTRAL. He will be helping me with the day to day chores of keeping you up to date with the latest JP toy news, and what a way to kick of his debut than with a two part review (part 3 & 4 should be up sometime tomorrow or early Saturday) taking a look at the Amanda Kirby and Alan Grant figures. Here what he had to say: Part three of the review will be about the figures from JP3. The figures are all well detailed, but smaller in size compared to JP and TLW figures. Well let’s get on with the review. Amanda Kirby and Spinosaurus-when I bought this figure I could see the difference in size. Amanda Kirby is about 3 and a half inches tall, while the old figures are about FIVE inches tall. Big difference. She with a small three prodded looking missile with an oversized launcher, which looks like a machine gun. Her clothes are very detailed with a rip in her left pant leg. She wears a white undershirt, Blue button up shirt, black gloves, tan pants and black boots. Included in the package was a juvenile dino. Not like the old dinos, which were all babies, this dino is bigger and badder. It comes with a juvenile Spinosaurus. As the figure the Spino is well detailed. The spino is about 2 and a half inches tall and about 4 and a half inches long. The colors of the Dino are really cool too. Its indigo or tan middle of body down and brown from the back to fin with blue streaks inside the Spino’s fin. It’s better in size and detail than the old Dino’s. I was satisfied with my purchase. Besides the difference in size with the figure and weapon, but well satisfied with the dino. The package is pretty cool too. It’s made of red rock (cardboard) with a Spino breaking through the left corner, which is pretty cool. At the edge of the right side in a striped warning sign. My overall rating for this figure is 4 out of 5 stars. Dr. Alan Grant & Velociraptor-This was the first figure I bought. At a price of 5.79, I thought it was decent. This figure is 3 in a half inches tall as with all the other figures. He’s not wearing a hat this time (??????????). He does wear a white button up shirt with a bandana tied around his neck, black gloves, brown belt, green pants with a tear in the right pant leg, and black shoes. He comes with a rather cool weapon, which is to, a bit to big for him. He comes with a grapple hand or whatever you want to call it. It is pretty cool because it actually opens and closes. Included in his package was a juvenile Velociraptor. It’s about 2 inches tall and 4 inches long. Its whole body accept for it’s back which is red, is dark brown with dark blue strips all around. To me it looks like a Cyclops Raptor from TLW and JP Dino’s, but smaller and in a different color. It to is well detailed. Since this was the first figure I bought, I was very excited to open it up and play around with it. I was very please to with my purchase of this figure. The package did not change at all besides the name at the bottom. All I’m wondering is “why did Hasbro make them so dang small.” But my overall rating out of five will have to be a 4.5!