After reading our review make sure to check out our new Review section which is where you can find our past toy reviews as well as reviews sent in by you. In part two of our look at the new JP/// toys we'll take a look at the T-Rex and the Triceratops. My review will be broken down into four sections: color, sounds, measurements and finally an overall rating of the dinosaur. We'll start with the T-rex. T-Rex - Is this guy ready to sign up for the military or what? This new Rex almost look like he's wearing camoflage with it's use of mostly green and brown colors with a few black stripes thrown in here and there for some flavor (I feel like I'm cooking here!). The Rex has two sounds a.k.a. "dino roars" that are activated by pressing two different buttons. The first button that I came across was the one located just under his neck. When pressed the Rex opens his jaws and lets out a mighty roar that somewhat resembles the one that we've heard before in the movies. The one problem that I have with these sounds is that they are very harsh sounding sometimes. I sounds more like a "dino scream" than a "dino roar" if you know what I mean. Compared to other versions of the Rex that have been released, this one definitely falls way short of my expectations. Just like the Alpha Raptor and the Spinosaurus, I was expecting a much larger dinosaur. Also, the lack of any real ability to pose or move these new toys forces me to give this particular T-Rex 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. Triceratops - One of everbody's favorite dinosaurs is the triceratops and I thought he was well represented here with a nice color scheme. The most dominant color is brown mixed with a few darker spots here and there. The horns are colored white as is several spots that line the crest of this toy. With the attempts at recreating "dino roars" with these new toys, one has to wonder "we're they right"? Well, who knows but I'm not exactly sure what they were aiming at with this one. This tric lets out more of a scream than a roar, although the scream does try to turn into a roar near the end. Like the Rex, the trics electronic dino roar is located in the dino damaged wound are camoflaged as part of a bone. My first impression of the new triceratops was "not that bad". The nice use of colors and accurate looking skin texture gave this dino a fresh new look. Not to mention you can actually move this guy around a little better by moving his head up and down and the tail is made out of rubber which makes it a little more flexible than the other dinos. My final review for this tric : 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Now go check out our new review section where Chris sent in a great review on his thoughts of the new toys. TOY DIVER PICTURE

I'm working very hard on a couple of reviews for the site today as well as a review or two sent in by some of you guys. Until then this should hold you over, "Darth Maul Sith Lord" at InGenOps posted this picture on the inGenNet forum of the Military diver that is supposed to come with the Spinosaurus. The detail of the figure is hard to make out but very cool nontheless! Rember to check back later today when I'll have my review of the T-Rex and the Triceratops from the "Re-ak A-tak" line.