In part one of our look at the new JP/// toys, we'll take a look at the Alpha Velociraptor and the Spinosaurus. Also, Don't forget to vote in our current poll which is a very important one concerning a pending site addition that you could decide! Alpha Velociraptor- When I first saw this new raptor the thing that struck me the most was the great use of colors. Not only did the raptor have great colors but they looked realistic. I know that no one can actually know what a real dinosaur looks like but with previous attempts at making the raptors with new colors (TLW Cyclops Raptor) it just didn't have an authentic look. The new Raptor has two different electronic sounds that add too the enjoyment of this new toy. The first button is located right under the base of the neck and blends in very well with the red stripe running down its back. The sound is best described as a snort followed by the loud raptor scream that we've come accustomed to in the movies. The second "Dino Roar" is located near the base of the tail and is camoflaged with the "Dino Damage" wound very well. I would describe the sound as more of a raptor snarl than anything else. Now on to the measurements. The Alpha raptor in the box measures about 7 1/2 inches from head to tail. At first, I was very surprised in that I thought the "Re-Ak At-Ak" line would be a little bigger, but with the improvements in the coloring of the raptor and the cool sounds I give this new raptor 4 out of 5 stars. The only problem I had with the Alpha Raptor was that it was very hard to pose. The only thing that moves are the arms and legs, the head pose and the tail remain stationary. Spinosaurus - The Spinosaurus has some of the best detail for a smaller dinosaur toy that I've ever seen! The basic color used was brown mixed with what looks like a little bit of gold? All in all I thought it looked great and kind of reminded me of some of the coloring from the Dinosaurs (T-Rex and the Velociraptor) from the original Jurassic Park movie, kind of a throwback if you will. Like the Alpha Raptor this new dino also has two places for electronic roars called "Dino Roars". The first button is found under the neck of the Spino and is best described as a roar. The second button is found in the "dino damage" wound of the Spino and sounds more like a scream when compared to the roaring sound found under the neck. In the box the Spinosaurus measures about 8 inches from head to tail. It has moveable arms and legs, but once again a stationary head and tail, which allows for no movement at all. Compared to previous attempts at the Spinosaurus by the toy lines, I'll give this new attempt a 5 star rating. That does it for this first review, but make sure to check back soon when I'll be reviewing more toys from the Re-ak At-ak line for you. Next up for review: The T-Rex and the Triceratops.