A JP3 toy to be exact! Here's their review: We absolutely cannot wait until May. First the trailer, then the merchandise. Yes, there have been reports have merchandise being released and 'on the loose' now, but the action figures, the staple of the JP3 merchandise, is released in May. That's why we were so excited to when we got the chance to get our grubby little paws latched onto an official JP3 action figure from Hasbro. We've taken a few pictures (although not the greatest in quality) and we've got a few details - and we think you should start becoming very excited. Right about... Now. For a while we wrestled with the option of tearing the package open and playing blissfully with our action figure for hours, but ultimately decided to keep the figure safely in its' case, and placing somewhere safe - and high (encased in a high-security, titanium reinforced, air-tight room) - where we could 'honor' this magnificent creation. OK, maybe we went a bit overboard, but lets just get this straight, the figure looks great. The Military General (the toy we received) is accompanied by a T-Rex and a really cool looking gun; but we have no idea what to call it. The detail level on the figure is extraordinary - at least (seemingly) twice the detail of the Jurassic Park/The Lost World figures. Although you won't be able to appreciate the detail on the toy until you get up close, take our word for it, it's good. Not too much else to report, the packaging is cool, featuring a roaring Spino in the front (ready to bite!) and the backside is a little preview/advertisement for similar-priced figures (we assume). The summary of the action figures is as follows: Heroic humans fight for survival with ferocious dinos using Re-ak-A-tak action! Make dinosaurs ATTACK with awesome battle action while the heroes REACT with dino-tame weapons! If we're not mistaken, we've heard this before (in the press release?), but evidently this is what's going on the back of the human figurines. WOW! I can't wait any longer! Check out JP3 HQ (www.jp3hq.com) for the pictures.