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"Neo_the1" sent Dan over at Dan's JP3 page word that he spotted some JP3 merchandise in New York City this weekend. Here's some of what he had to say: Tiger "Rex Head" LCD game (where the jaws close slowly depending on how you do in the game), and the three other "mini action games" where you're a spino, rex, or pteranodon. In addition, there was a JP3 flashlight, apparently the same as the TLW flashlight, "but with a repaint and a new pacakge to match JP3. It [has] 2 buttons, one to turn on, the other to make roaring noises."


Dan has posted a story with some pictures of JP3 merchandise shown at the Paris Electronics Fair. The JP3 items shown are a Dino Digs Excavation kit and some JP3 keychains.


Well, our good friend from Hong Kong has more JP3 items for sale. He has a figure lot which includes Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, Amanda Kirby, Eric Kirby, Military General and two others. He also has a Velociraptor for sale which is currently at 24.99. Update: the figure lot has already sold.


Well, after e-mailing me to tell me that he had this toy in his hands and was preparing a review for it, it was very hard to keep quiet on this one! But their review is here for the Spinosarus and here's the highlights (go to for the full review): The Spinosaurus comes in an open-air package, i.e. kids (or interested adults) can press all the cool buttons, play with the moveable parts, and generally mess around with it. Whether or not this is good or bad we do not know, but this does provide a good viewpoint to examine the overall dinosaur. So the detail level Good, but not great. It seems that with the increase in size, the attention to detail went down somewhat, but the average consumer probably will not notice or care very much. How about dinosaur detail? Im no dinosaur expert, but the spine on the Spinosaurus seemed awfully small our explanation would be that this is a juvenile, although the package does not say it is. Perhaps the most expensive piece to the set; the large ultra-realistic Spino-dino is the adult? Re-ak A-tak. Ever since we heard this new saying (last summer?) we have had high hopes for this series of product, and wondered what it would entail. Finally, we get an answer. Electronic dinosaur might have been enough to describe the Spinosaurus the A-tak (Attack) is simply pressing the button beneath the mouth, and the Re-ak (React) is achieved by pressing the button hidden in the dinosaurs wound. To some degree we can understand where Hasbro is coming from when they say it reacts and attacks, but it really is just a new name to an old feature. Not that the feature is bad the roars are crisp (more of a short high-pitched roar when compared to the past T-Rex toys), and the Spino includes a satisfactory amount of moveable parts. All in all, the Spinosaurus represents a good, solid toy; but it simply does not bring anything new to the table. HASBRO SALES HURTING Here's what the article had to say (go to for the full story): Hasbro said its quarterly global net revenues fell 40 percent to .3 million, compared with .5 million in the year-ago period. Sales from the Game and U.S. Toys segments declined year over year, chiefly due to slower demand for Pokemon trading card games and toys and the sale of its interactive unit. The article went on to say that there is still hope, "I don't think there is anything going in the toy sector right now to draw consumers into the stores, but there are bright spots," she said. In particular, market watchers said sales of toys related to the new Jurassic Park and Monsters Inc. movies could bolster Hasbro revenues. Thanks JP3 HQ!


If you're interested in picking up some JP3 action figures a little early, an ebay seller from Hong Kong has two JP3 figures up for bid. They have Eric w/ Pteranodon & the Military General w/ T-Rex.


If you're interested in seeing all that old news, click on the link at the bottom of the page and check it out.


Thanks to "TeenJ" who corrected me on my posting of the "FIGURES SHOWING UP" story. "TeenJ" said that the dinos that "Shelley" reported to seeing were actually TLW toys. Sorry for the mis-information and thanks again to "TeenJ" for pointing it out.


"Shelley" sent inGenNet this bit of great news on her finding of some JP3 figures: "I have a scutosaurus (green with dino damage and fighting action), and possibly a estemmenosuchues (blue colered). they came in a 2 pack with a figure with alan grants series two body and different head with hat on backwards. I also have [a] utahraptor that came with t-rex turner figure. kicks. no roar." Have you spotted any JP3 figures yet? If you do, send me an e-mail and I'll post the great news right away!


Click on Message Board on the navigation menu and then click the message board link to start posting. I've set up three sections: JP Toys, JP Movies and Other. Start posting and let me know what you think!


After hearing the rumors of some JP3 items already showing up, I decided to look around the city for myself. The only luck I had was at Big Lots which had some of the JP3 items that have been spotted already. Here's what I found:Game Table & Chair Playset Inflatable Tunnel Jurassic 3D Bop BagPVC Playhouse I'll keep looking and post as soon as I find any other JP3 stuff!


A user who goes by the name "Gallimimus" sent inGenNET some Jurassic Park toys prototypes pictures. According to him only 6 of the prototypes are made per figure, and they are worth between one thousand to three thousand dollars. Head on over to inGenNET ( for the complete photo list.


A JP3 toy to be exact! Here's their review: We absolutely cannot wait until May. First the trailer, then the merchandise. Yes, there have been reports have merchandise being released and 'on the loose' now, but the action figures, the staple of the JP3 merchandise, is released in May. That's why we were so excited to when we got the chance to get our grubby little paws latched onto an official JP3 action figure from Hasbro. We've taken a few pictures (although not the greatest in quality) and we've got a few details - and we think you should start becoming very excited. Right about... Now. For a while we wrestled with the option of tearing the package open and playing blissfully with our action figure for hours, but ultimately decided to keep the figure safely in its' case, and placing somewhere safe - and high (encased in a high-security, titanium reinforced, air-tight room) - where we could 'honor' this magnificent creation. OK, maybe we went a bit overboard, but lets just get this straight, the figure looks great. The Military General (the toy we received) is accompanied by a T-Rex and a really cool looking gun; but we have no idea what to call it. The detail level on the figure is extraordinary - at least (seemingly) twice the detail of the Jurassic Park/The Lost World figures. Although you won't be able to appreciate the detail on the toy until you get up close, take our word for it, it's good. Not too much else to report, the packaging is cool, featuring a roaring Spino in the front (ready to bite!) and the backside is a little preview/advertisement for similar-priced figures (we assume). The summary of the action figures is as follows: Heroic humans fight for survival with ferocious dinos using Re-ak-A-tak action! Make dinosaurs ATTACK with awesome battle action while the heroes REACT with dino-tame weapons! If we're not mistaken, we've heard this before (in the press release?), but evidently this is what's going on the back of the human figurines. WOW! I can't wait any longer! Check out JP3 HQ ( for the pictures.


What a great day it has been here at JP TOYS CENTRAL! After being named site of the week by JP3 HQ, Kenner Toys has officially added the site to its JP toys links page. Be sure to visit their site at or by using the link at the bottom of the page.


Not toy related news but I'm proud of it so I'm posting it anyway! Thanks to JP3 HQ for the honor(though I'm not really sure what it means). My goal is to make this site your favorite source for JP toy related news & info, so if you have any suggestions for the site or if you want to submit news or just contact me, please feel free to e-mail me.


Well, at least some of them are Someone who goes by the name of "Jojabebe" e-mailed Dan over at Dan's JP3 page that he has spotted the first JP3 Toys on display at his local Toys "R" us. Here's what he had to say: "There is this big banner with the logo and a trex and spinosaur," he said. "Still no real action figures, but they had some of the other toys (the resarch set, sleeping bag, and some really cool toybiz puppets of trex, spino, and raptor.) It was just a corner of an aisle display, but it was something!!!!"


Found this article over at Dan's JP3 page. According to a source over there who e-mailed Hasbro toys, "We should expect stores across the US to begin receiving JP3 products very soon. "The items are shipping this month and may be in stores before the end of April," the rep said. "There are [also] product dates scheduled through the Spring/Summer."