Triceratops123's bio

Real Name: Sebastiaan Raats
Status: Retired Forum Moderator
Location: Wuustwezel, Antwerpen, Belgium
Age: 20
AIM: SpiritsOfNublar
Yahoo!: N/A
Fav JP Toy: Unreleased TLW Triceratops

No I don't really feel like working for... I GET PAID HOW MUCH???? Okay, this site is great, visit it and plenty of it, whatever it is. :P In all seriousness, I'm known as Triceratops123 (or Trike123). My name's Sebastian, and I'm your friendly neighborhood JPToys mod. I've been into the JP hobby ever since I was six, though I haven't been actively collecting for a few years now. I'm from Belgium, just like RaptorAlpha, one of our admins. On JPT you'll probably run into me in the Meaningless Thread, though occasionally, the other mods open the cage and let me roam free on the other threads. That's usually when the bad things happen. *ahem* (Serious Shakespearian voice) I must say, I'm not very good at these bio things, so don't take it too serious. If you must get to know me, just participate at the boards, and you'll find out what kind of person I am. Join. NOW.

Favorite Quote: "And all our gods and heroes are only ones and zeroes. Join hands and sing along, everything we know is wrong." - Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel