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Toys you'll never be able to buy.

Hey there! Ever wanted to drool on something you'll never have the opportunity to be? I knew you did. Check out these auctions that were recently up on eBay here.

Yup, animatronic dinos used in the JP movies (the best toys ever, basically) sold for outrageous amounts of money... Isn't $100,000 for a screen-used hydraulic Velociraptor a steal? Happy drooling!


Wow, talk about a great way to kick off this new month! After last month's news about Mr. Bradley's interview by a Transformers fan website, we tried to contact him to see if he would agree to be interviewed by JPToys. And with a big help of forum members Musichead and Jack De La Mare, a contact has been made, and an interview could be planned. You can read it all here: interview with Tim Bradley.
Mr. Bradley was kind enough to give us a great insight of the production of the Jurassic Park toy line, especially of the Chaos Effect series. It is truly a great pleasure and honor for us to have been able to get in touch with someone so passionate about he does, and still accessible enough to agree to be interviewed by us fans. Thank you, Mr. Bradley!

UPDATE! Mr. Bradley was kind enough to take pictures of the Ultimasaurus and the Velocirapteryx maquette he mentioned in the interview! The pictures have been added on the interview page. Enjoy!
You can now access Tim Bradley's website through the button on the Affiliates section (on your left). Make sure to check it out!