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Due to popular demand, we now have a Papo section at! Please check it out but keep in mind that it is a new section and still very much under construction. We plan to add even more photos in the future and appreciate your patience in the process. Along those same lines, we have a new poll question up that wants to know what your favorite Papo dino has been so far. Be sure to vote & let us know!


Wow, two days in a row with an 'bout that?! Definitely a rarity these days. Anyways, on to the news. Forum member 'alpharex came' across this thread over on the reblescum forums that features member 'Washu' holding what he says to be a prototype for a remote controlled raptor that of course never made it to the production phase. Here's what he had to say:

"This is a original sculpt for the Jurassic Park line. I have the other parts in the box and did not want to bring them all out in case one falls. The wax only ways a measly 27 pounds. I forgot, but it should measure about 3 1/2 feet long with tail. The toy was devolped for Lost World (?) and to be a remote control Raptor. This toy was never produced and never reached hardcopy stage. Rather unknown prototype... and the biggest of them all."

If true, it's amazing the amount of these previously "unknown" protos that have been popping up lately. If nothing else, at least it passes the time and gives us something else to discuss.


Long time forum member and moderator 'Raptoralpha' recently received his Papo Spinosaurus and was kind enough to snap several pics to share. You can view those pics on our forum by clicking here.


Without a movie to generate news, it seems that we have to revert back to good ol' nostalgia these days...nothing wrong with that right? Anyway, forum member '0thebigwytec5' came across this 1994 JP toy ad on the back of a Universal Studios coupon and was kind enough to pass it along to us.