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I realize that when you run an April Fools story (see below), you run the risk of "leading the lambs to slaughter" but boy, I had no idea just how many of you would fall for it this year! I bet I've received and at least 10 emails so far (and more on the forum) just wanting to let us know that the "Chape Mei story" and the corresponding "prototype picture" are fake. Thanks for the emails but they can all stop now - pay better attention next time - you've been warned! ;-)

In the way of site updates, we have a complete diorama gallery overhaul from 'izartist' with almost 20 new additions! Be sure to check those out when you get a chance.


It was bound to happen. The Chap Mei company has been producing dinosaur toys strongly inspired by Jurassic Park toys for some time now. Well, it appears that they acquired the license to produce official JP toys. This picture was sent by someone claiming to be a Chap Mei designer (more than likely an early prototype). Here's what he had to say concerning the matter, including some interesting news about upcoming toys.

"Hello, I'm a concept designer working for the Chap Mei company, and I've been working on several series including Dino Quest, Beast Raider and the soon-to-be-released Wild Park series. I'm writing you to give Jurassic Park fans some good news for the toyline. An announcement from the Hasbro company will soon be made about their loss of the Jurassic Park license, but by the end of the year, a new Jurassic Park line will be released in the European market, and in the US market later, by the Chap Mei company. We are currently working on the look of the line, but here's the concept art that will likely be chosen. The line-up has also been approved, and will likely be similar to this:

Basic assortment:

- Tyrannosaurus Rex
- Dimetrodon
- Pteradon
- Raptor Alpha
- Triceratops

Ultra assortment:

- Ultra T-Rex w/ Alan Grant
- Spinosaurus w/ Tim Murphy

Of course, some changes might occur, but that is everything planned so far. In other news today, we have new dioramas up from 'Evilrex' (now Evilstudios) and a new gallery from 'The Big Wil'.