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A very interesting auction popped up on ebay recently claiming to be a previously unreleased CE Night Hunter Spinosaurus. Certain forum members requested more detailed pictures of the Spino but the seller mysteriously ended the listing early. Is it a real gem similar to the JPS2 Ornitho that popped up a few months ago? Click on the thumbnail and be the judge for yourself. We'll be sure to keep you updated if better pics/more info comes our way.


First off, Happy Valentine's day to your & yours! Hope you have a good one. Now on to the news. Forum member 'robotassassin' ran across these new Jurassic Park images from this year's Toy Fair (held this week in New York). It's not uncommon for companies to put out products at the Toy Fair just to "show face" and there's really nothing earth shattering to see except that VERY interesting looking T-Rex. Could it be a preview of things to come or is it just some random piece thrown together for the show? Either way, we'll keep our eyes & ears open and let you know what (if anything) comes of this so be sure to stay tuned. In other news around the site, we have new customs from Joe which features a very nice Velociraptor herd.


That's right boys and girls, our friends from the Papo company are back at it again with another assortment of your favorite realistic pre-historic dinos! This 2nd wave features a Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus and a Pteranodon. According to the folks at 'Toying Around' these should be available in the next couple months. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions:

In other news around the site, we have a new collection gallery from Bull T-Rex for you as well as a new poll question. Boy it sure is getting difficult to peice together any news updates these days with the lack of any substantial JP4 news seemingly years away. Our new poll question follows along those lines. Do you think we'll ever see JP4 come to fruition, much less a new toy line to follow? Be sure to vote and let us know what you think.