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Forum member Jurassic_Jaws recently inquired to Hasbro about the Young T-Rex and Stego repaints that popped up on eBay recently (see 8/24 story). Here was their response:

"These items are from our Jurassic Park line and are sold exclusively at KayBee Toy and Hobby stores. Please visit your local KayBee Toy store or visit their web site at to check for availability."

This is the most concrete response we've received yet but as we all know, Hasbro customer reps don't always have the same stories. Only time will tell so be sure to stay tuned. Speaking of JP:D 2, we finally have our first reviews of the new series in. They were submitted by Rob6027 & Jurassic_Jaws. Both reviews take a look at the Cyclops Raptor repaint. Also while in the review section, you may notice that we've now moved all of the reviews over to our server from the old Geocities site. Yes indeed, the last connection we had to JPTC is now gone...*sniff* ;)


Recently a total of 5 new never before seen JP3 prototypes have shown up on eBay. They include the Marine Copter, Alpha Pteranodon, Alpha Raptor, T-Rex and Triceratops. All are now up in our prototypes section for your viewing pleasure.


Fourm member Raptor88 came across 2 very interesting eBay auctions today. The first is a repaint of the original Young Rex and comes with the JP3 Military General. The second auction contains a very sweet TLW/JPD Stegosaurus repaint along with the JP3 Alan Grant. Could these be the long rumored other JP:D 2 "big" dinos we've heard so much about? We're not sure at this point but stay tuned to this space for more details as we receive them.


OK, this isn't JP toy related but it was just too cool not to pass along. Henry Lim is a LEGO sculptor and his biggest piece just happens to be a 14ft. long Stegosaurus! It took him over 7 months and 122,000 pieces but the result is pretty overwhelming to say the least. Check it out!


Today we have a new diorama gallery from "Zoemimus" that's definitely worth your time. We also have a new Safari/Galaxy Stegosaurus custom from Bucketfoot-Al in addition to updates to his previous Ankylosaurus piece. And finally today, we have a new poll question up regarding the JPD: 2 line...enjoy!


Take a glimpse of what Kenner distributors saw prior to the toys being on the shelves. Joining our ever increasing Catalog Scan section are the 1997 Kenner Toy Fair Distributors Catalog and the 1997 Distributors Brochure. Most of the items from the catalog are pretty self explanatory, but I've never seen some of the items featured in the brochure. Have a look and see for yourself in our Catalogs section!


A giant THANK YOU on behalf of those who have selflessly provided donations to These donations have already eased the burden of website costs as well as assisted in purchasing a few hard to find Jurassic Park toy dealer catalogs (see next story)! Clicking on the Spinosaurus/PayPal icon to the left will now take you to a splash Donations page containing further information on how your donations are used. This page also contains instructions on how to donate using cash or personal check- as well as using a credit card through PayPal. Again, we truly appreciate your support!

1,000 MEMBERS!

A huge JPToys forum milestone was reached today as we passed the 1,000 member mark! Thanks to you guys over the years for making us the hottest place on the web for JP toys discussion. If you've never registered on our forum before, now is as good a time as any...especially with all the big news happening lately. Signing up is quick & relatively painless (I promise) so do it today!