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So, how did everyone's weekend go? Hope all was well. We have a few site updates to pass along today so lets get started. First up, we have 2 new entries to our ever growing collections section from ViperRider and Raptoryx. Also today, Joe drops in with 3 new customs featuring an Albino Raptor, Iguana Raptor & a TLW Chasmosaurus repaint. And finally today, we have a new poll up for your voting pleasure...enjoy!


Everyone likes a good sale...right? Well we have a good one to pass along to you today. Several forum members have been spotting JP3 toys at drastically reduced prices lately. One member in particular, "spinokiller" reports that his local KB toy store has dinos from the Re-Ak Attack line marked down to only $2.99 and the Ultra/Canyon T-Rex going for as low as $6.99! Many people are also reporting an increase in stock (left-overs more than likely) to coincide with the sale. This is the perfect opportunity for you customizers and diorama experts out there to grab a few extras.


Our good pal and former forum moderator Jurassic Joe wants to let everyone know about his new site which showcases his many diorama talents. While there, you can learn some tricks of the trade in the "How To Do It" section, sign up for a free newsletter and more!


We received a very interesting (hideous) picture from "Josh" recently of a bootleg set from the "Scientific Wonders" line. The set includes a mixture of JP3 humans, small dinos and 3-4 miscellaneous weapons. This particular set includes an Eric Kirby repaint, Amanda Kirby Spino (somewhat repainted) and an Alan Grant 2 pack raptor. Other sets were made so please drop us a line if you happen to spot any. Also today, we have a new custom gallery from Joe that includes three very nice customs, two of which come from the resaurus line...enjoy!