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Today's update is going to be on more of a personal note as you can tell. The wife and I just found out today that we're expecting our first child (January 17th) and the ultrasound revealed everything to be fine so far. Our excitement is beyond belief and it still hasn't even sunk in yet! I'm telling you all this because this will of course mean less time for me to work on the site as the pregnancy progresses but I will try my best to keep you guys updated if anything big comes our way. So please have a little more patience with us and start sending those JP Junior toys my way! :-) Also today, we have a brand spankin' new poll up for your voting pleasure so make sure to participate in that. Have a great weekend everyone!


We've got some very interesting news to pass along to you today from forum user 'Frost' over on the Jurassic Island Forums: "Recenty I visited a Italian Resturant named Fazoli's. While going through the Drive In Pick up Line, I couldn't believe my Eyes when I seen a poster of Four Jurassic Park Dinosaurs. The resturant is giving out four different types of dinosaurs Skeletions that you put together, Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon. They come in a middle sized package with the JP:I symbol on the center, and you can carry the bones in a large egg with JP symbol printed on that. Each toy comes with a trading card with information on that dinosaur. I will soon be able to scan a information picture of the toys, (I'm saving up to buy extra where I can open some)." Here are scans of the toy package and the collector card that comes with each toy. A big thanks to 'Sk8er' and 'Frost' for sending them along. We'll be sure to post more scans as we get them...enjoy!


How was everyone's weekend? Hope all was well. We've got quite a bit to get to today so let's get started. First up is my review of the Jurassic People DVD. For those of you that still may not have seen Jurassic People yet (shame on you!), please visit their site to view the 20 mintue spoof and for details on how to obtain your copy. Speaking of reviews, forum member dinoexecutive has submitted a total of 8 new ones that our now up in our review section for your viewing pleasure. The last thing I'll mention today is the latest additions to our Customs section from Raptoralpha which includes Alan Grant & Tim Murphy. We also have a new custom gallery from BubbleGum-Chan today as well. So make sure to check out all of those items when you get a chance...enjoy!


Just a little FYI guys & gals, the folks over at have a server upgrade scheduled for this Wednesday (May 7th) to begin at around 12am EST and last anywhere from 6-18 hours. While this may sound like a lengthy downtime, the upgrade will "make things faster than ever before" according to Proboards owner Patrick Clinger. No complaints from me on that! :-) (5/8 - Update) The upgrade went off without a hitch last night and the forum is now indeed loading much quicker! If the proboards2 address isn't working for you yet, you can access the site using dinodan.proboards5. The proboards2 address will work again as soon as your ISP updates their DNS information.