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Whether or not you enjoyed the original Dinotopia miniseries, that horrible butchering of James Gurney's amazing books, it would behoove you to tune into ABC tonight and check out the new two hour episode. It airs at 8 PM EST tonight, so be there or be square.


From everyone here at JPToys, we want to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Go Noles...beat those sorry ol' Gators! >>----,>


The jury from hell has reached a verdict, and here are the three new additions to the list of winners.

Human Figures: Trike Attack's Lex Murphy

Dinosaurs: This one's a tie, Tyrant's Giganotosaurus and Raptoryx's Giganotosaurus.

Vehicles/Playsets: Suchoswimmer's JP River Capture Barge

Congratulations to everyone who won, and thanks everyone who entered and made this contest a success. There will be more JP Toys contests in the future, so put your thinking caps on! (I can't believe I said that).


I just recieved this in my inbox from

"To show our appreciation to all of our customers and guests, has increased its Thanksgiving Week Sale by 2 days and we are now offering everyone 20% off their entire purchase through November 30, 2002. Please use the following coupon code to receive the discount: ASQ9DG7T This offer is good on all items (including sale items)."

Looks like a great opportunity to get caught up on that JP3 or CamoXtreme collection if you ask me!


Our good friend and forum moderator rexforever decided to drop in with our latest (and first) review of the CamoXtreme Swamp Pack as well as three new dioramas! So be sure to check those out when you get a chance. Also, I want to thank everyone for their participation in our last poll question. Everyone overwhelmingly approved of the new toy archives (86% to be exact). Now, go check out the new poll and let us know what you favorite shots are of the new archives. Have a great weekend!


Just a mere 11 days from our first release, we are proud to bring you our latest completed toy archives section - Jurassic Park Junior...enjoy!


The polls are in, and we have our popular vote winners for the JP Toys "Dream Toy" contest! The winners are:

In Human Figures, Jesse Fritsch's Forgotten Characters Pack

In Dinosaurs, Brad McFeeters's Pooping Spinosaurus

In Vehicles/Playsets, Jurassic Joe's Raptor Rage Set

A big thanks goes out to all the contestants and to everyone who voted. If your entry was not one of the winner's don't dispair. The judge's awards will be decided Tuesday, November 19.


Thanks to staff member Mr. Goodbytes for pointing out that the on-line toy store, has just recieved a brand new shipment of CamoXtreme products which includes the Arctic, Desert and Lava 2 packs as well as the Deluxe Arctic T-Rex and Jungle Spinosaurus. Get 'em while they last!


JP Database brings us this article about the current status of JP4. The latest news from Universal is that Joe Johnston will definitely not be directing the four adventure, and Steven Speilberg probably won't eiether. However, Speilberg is the master behind the fabulous story Sam Neil has been talking about, so we can certainly expect something good! Remember, the film is still in very preliminary stages, so don't take any of this information as more than a rumor right now.


The Dream Toy Contest entries are officially closed, and now its time to choose the winners! There will be six prizes, three chosen by a jury and three chosen through a vote currently in progress at the forums. Good luck to all the contestants!


We've been promising since day one that we would one day get around to updating our toy archives. Trust me, we know the current ones just plain stink (to say the least). Well, that long awaited day is finally here! Our first completed section happens to be the JP3 Hybrids. Once there, you'll find more high quality pictures than you can shake a bone at! We have box shots, loose shots, diorama shots & more! That will be the basic template you can expect for the rest of the sections as well. Which section are we doing next? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Our goal here at JPToys is to give you the visitor the most complete Jurassic Park toy database on the internet and we sincerely hope you enjoy our latest step in that process. It may be a slow process but we are determined to reach our goal. Also before I go, I would be amiss if I didn't thank our site administrator Armothe for all of his dedicated work on not only this latest section, but our entire site in general. He stays a very busy man and every moment he can take to help out on this site is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend everyone!


It's the news we've all been waiting to hear, it looks like JP4 has a writer and is ready to roll! Thanks to Mr. Goodbytes for pointing us to this article on

"Universal Pictures is moving forward with a fourth installment of "Jurassic Park" to be penned by William Monahan. Kathleen Kennedy will again produce."

Click here for the entire article. Now, if they would just go ahead and give us a release on the new toys. I know, probably a little too early, one can hope though...right? ;-) In site news, make sure to keep it tuned here to JPToys as we are a matter of mere days away from releasing our first section of brand new toy archives. Trust me, you don't want to miss it! *UPDATE* - The first release comes a little earlier than expected... how does tomorrow morning sound?!


An interesting interview with Sam Neil has been posted at pertaining to the forth Jurassic Park film. Says thus:

"Yeah, Steven Spielberg and his people are quite busy prepping another one. There is a chance you'll see me in it. I'm as surprised as anyone, because I didn't think there was any way they could get Alan Grant involved again. But they came up with a clever idea. Steven just blew me away with the story....something frightening is happening concerning those dinosaurs that doesn't necessarily bode well for us humans. Scientists never seem to learn". What sort of tone can we expect? "You know that feeling when you first saw the original film, and you were so in awe, and felt so swept away and mesmerised by the sheer majesty of it all? I believe this premise has the potential to elicit that same kind of response. Out of all the concepts that've been created for these movies, this is possibly my favorite".

This sounds like what we all want and I've got my fingers crossed for the validity of this information. Big thanks to Oviraptor for pointing this article out.


So, has anyone come down from that Halloween sugar high yet? I didn't think so ;-) Okay so I'm at the in-laws (always a fun trip) this past weekend watching some college football with my father in-law when I get a call from my wife telling me that she's spotted some CamoXtreme 2-packs on sale for $2.99 a pack at a KB toy store in Panama City (awesome wife huh?). She asks if wanted any (duh) and now here they sit on my shelf. The only reason I bring this up is because it seems that these 2-packs are becoming more & more readily available at toy stores now, especially at KB (see this thread).

Considering these prices and the overall rarity of the Camo line, no one can afford to let these slip by. Will the deluxe versions like the Desert Spinosaurus and Canyon T-Rex start to follow this same pattern? Who knows, but be sure to keep those eyes peeled and let us know if you spot any!