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There's not many JP toys in this sale but there is a couple so I figured I'd pass it along. According to the email I received, Amazon is having a "clearance event sale" although most of their sale prices are about equal to what you can get them for at Wal-Mart or any other toy store. Nonetheless, the only JP products I found were the Animatronic Spino which is regular $59.99 and is on sale for $49.99 (a savings of %17) and the JP/// survival kit which is regular $11.99 and on sale for $9.98 (%17 savings). Again, these are not spectacluar sale prices by any means but worth passing along anyway. FYI, I found these sales in the outlet section of Amazon by searching for Jurassic Park.


A big thanks to Austin for sending in 10 brand new dioramas! You can view the new ones here or you can see all of his and others by going to the diorama section. That's it for today...have a great weekend everyone!


That according to Rev. Christopher Rose of Hartford. The Rev. does a top 10 list of "Warped Toys" every year and when asked why none of the JP toys were included on his list, his reply was, "Kids play with dinosaurs". Just a little something cute I thought I'd pass along :) You can read the full article here. (Thanks to Dan's JP3 page). Discuss this story


We have a total of three new reviews up and ready for your viewing pleasure today. "BubbleGum-Chan" sent in a CE Paradeinonychus review (our first CE review) and "-Wave3-" took a look at the Tanystropeus and TLW Spinosaurus. I hope you all enjoy those and we'll be back later this week with an update to the Diorama section...stay tuned! (Update - Wave3 just sent in three more reviews: JP Quetzalocoatlus, CE Roland Tembo w/Ultimasaurus and the CE Anklyoranodon...enjoy!)


As I type this update, it's really Christmas Eve but I won't have access to a computer after today so here's your Christmas day update. I hadn't planned on having one until after the holidays but I just couldn't resist after I checked my email and waiting for me was a brand new JPTC logo designed by The Hatcher. He did a great job on it and I was easily able to find a spot for it in the new layout. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do! While we here at JPTC can't afford to give everyone a Christmas gift (as much as we'd really love too!) but we can give you a little something from the heart and here it is...Merry Christmas!


As you can tell, we have a brand spankin' new site layout! I've been working on it for a little while now and with the help from some of my staff, this is what we came up with. While it's not a drastic change, it is something a little fresh & new that still manages to capture the essence of the old layout. I hope you like it! Speaking of the site, don't expect many updates (if any) over the next week or so due to the holidays unless of course something big breaks, then we'll be right back here to let you know about it. BTW, we have a new JPTC poll up for you to offer your opinions...go vote! The whole JPTC team would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. It's been a very trying time this year for everyone especially us Americans and I think everyone needs a little break to reflect & recover. So have a very Merry Christmas everyone and we'll see ya soon!


Did everyone have a great weekend? I hope it went well. First up today we have a total of five new reviews from my moderators Acro & Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tyrannosaurus covered some of TLW toys including: Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and the Junior Triceratops. He also reviewed Billy Brennan from JP///. Acro reviewed the series two Nick Van Owen from TLW series and he plans to have a couple more done for us soon so be on the look-out for those. The new reviews I just mentioned can be found in our review section which I took the time to reoraganize last night. I've broken them down into JP, TLW, JP/// and miscellaneous (for games and such) so it should be a bit eaiser to find a specific review now.


I had planned on writing up an in-depth review on the JP3 DVD but I changed my mind after realizing that most people out there have already purchased it and my opinion won't change your mind one way or the other however, I do have an opinion on it and here it is: This DVD is a must buy for any JP fans out there! If you've been putting off buying a DVD player for some's your chance to finally get one! No more excuses! This DVD is jam packed with extra features including a great commentary with Stan Winston and other great guys that were behind the scenes in JP3. The audio and video quality are almost flawless providing a great home viewing experience. Being the home theater nut that I am, I can tell you this is one of the best DVD experiences I've ever had and I hope you decicide to expericence it to!


While it's probably not as extensive a site as we had hoped it would be, the official Hasbro JP3 toy site is up and running. It's bascially broken down into three different sections: Products, Where to buy, and Register. By registering with the site, it says that you'll receive periodic emails announcing news and events along with information and updates on new Jurassic Park 3 products and promotions. Besides that, there's really nothing to it. It makes you wonder what took them so long to finally launch it if that's all there was to it? It's worth checking out for us die hard collectors anyway though :) (Thanks to Alpha_Spino & Bhavdeep Rehal.)


We reported on a story earlier this week from Steve over at JP Memorabilia which looks like may not be true afterall. Steve contacted Stan Winston Studios as wells as Universal and here's what they had to say: "Well it looks like I've been given "Bogus" information regarding the the future release of Stan Winston Dinosaur heads/busts, I have not received an e-mail from anyone confirming the story, nor have I received an update e-mail from my source GREG , I have contacted both Stan Winston Studios & Universal studios and today I received a reply from Universal who tell me the following, "The only Dinosaurs to be reproduced from the Stan Winston moulds have been used for Universal Studios theme parks, Jurassic park traveling exhibitions, selected Museums across the World. There are no plans to release any re-productions commercially now or in the future". Thanks to Steve for checking that out!


Thanks to one of our forum members "Cool_Bambiraptor" for sending us these two great reviews on the animatronic & poseable Spinos. You can read both of them in our review section and remember if you'd like to submit your review on any of the JP toys, just head on over to the contact page and find the instructions on how to do so. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back Monday with my take on the JP3 DVD.


Have you went out and bought your copy yet? I was fortunate enough to receive my copy yesterday and I've spent a few hours mainly looking over the special features which are awesome! I did manage to preview a couple of scenes and from what I saw, the picture and sound quality are superb! As soon as I have time to watch the rest of the features and the film itself, I'll post my mini-review.


Just a couple of site updates to mention before I let you go today. First off, for those of you that follow diorama stories, you may be interested to know that Austin finally sent in the last epsiode (#10) of T.I.N.P. and you can get to it by clicking here. Yesterday saw the addition of two more JPTC forums: JP Literature & Forum Feedback so make sure to check those out. That's it for today and we'll be back soon with a couple of new reviews from Bambiraptor so be on the look-out for that later this week...stay tuned!


Thanks to our forum member "Bambiraptor" for sharing these pictures of the newly re-packaged JP/// bonus packs. They're not new toys or anything like that but it looks like an attempt on Hasbro's part to sell some more dino toys! According to Bambiraptor they are selling for about $13 which is about $4-$6 cheaper when you buy the bonus pack versus buying them individually. Here's some more of what he had to say: "Anyway, at K-Mart, there were TWO AISLES filled with JP toys! They had the Poseable Spino, Poseable Raptor, all the Deluxe Re-ak A-taks, the vehicles and playsets, both Utra Re-ak A-tak Dinos, all the humans, the Anima Spino, EVERYTHING! Plus, there were two-packs! I had never seen any of those before. Anyway, there was one with the Brachio and Trike, one with the Tape and the Pack Raptor, and there were probably more that I didn't see. Anyway, the humans were $3.99 and the Ultra Re-ak A-taks were $19.99. I'm not sure how much the two-packs were. Anyway, I bought the Military Diver, the Ultra Alpha Pteranodon and the Tapejara and Pack Raptor two-pack." Thanks again to Bambiraptor for the pics and be sure to click on the photo for a view of the back of the package.


No, not those kind of busts :) While surfing around I noticed that Steve over at JP memorabilia received an interesting rumor from someone regarding the sale of JP dino busts staright from the movie molds. Here's part of the email: "Just received an interesting e-mail from Greg, He tells me that the "Stan Winston Studio", combined with "Universal studios", will be making available 1:1 scale kits of selected Dinosaur busts straight from the original movie moulds. The kits will be on sale in the new year, if anyone knows anymore about this please let me know." That sounds very cool (if it turns out to be true) and we'll let you know as soon as more details become available...stay tuned! Also, just a reminder to be sure to continue to check out the Premiere Props auction on ebay as they update the list frequently.


In our continuing effort to keep you updated on the latest news on the JP/// DVD, we have a few items of interest. First off, I noticed that Dan over at Dan's JP3 page has reviewed the disc and gave it pretty good marks overall. FYI, I'll be reviewing the disc myself once I have get my hands on it and have time to look it overso look for that in the coming week or so. Aother note of interest for those of you that might be interested in getting a free copy of JP///. The DVD review site "The Digital Bits" runs a weekly trivia giveaway contest where you can when prizes like DVD's and other home theater stuff. Well as you may have already guessed, this week they're giving the JP/// Collector's Edition DVD (widescreen). So if you're kind of low on the cash (aren't we all) then you might want to give that contest a try.


If you read Monday's update then you know that we had some major problems with our forums early on Monday morning. I think the problem had to do with ProBoards having some kind of server upgrade (thanks for the warning) and at the same time I was trying to add a new forum all the messages went bye-bye. Oh well, the members at JPTC are the strongest out there and they've picked the board right up and put it back on it's feet (thanks guys)! Hopefully this is the last time we'll have to deal with something like this. Speaking of the new forum, that new one we added was a Paleo Art forum. So now all you artist out there can share your dino artwork. I know I've said this several times but one more won't hurt! If you haven't signed up with us yet... then what are you waiting for? Registration is very fast and simple and you can be posting with us in no time. Well, that's about it for today so I hope everyone has a great weekend and let's not forget to remember those that lost their lives 60 years ago today in the attack on Pearl Harbor. I know we all can't help but notice the similarities with that attack and the one that happened to us just recently on September 11th. So to kind of commerate things, I'm off to watch my brand new Pearl Harbor DVD...see ya later!


In case you haven't noticed yet this morning, we are currently having major problems with our message boards. The boards are still up and running and you can still post but for the second time in less than two months, all of the topics in the forums have been completly wiped out. This is very frustrating for us here and I know it is for you guys as well. I submitted an email to the ProBoards customer service department and hope to hear back from them soon. Until then, please continue to post just like you normally would and hopefully we'll have this corrected soon...sorry!


How was everyone's weekend? I know it went well if you were a college football fan! There were several great games this weekend that really threw a wrench into that whole BCS thing. Plus my Seminoles finished the regular season with a 7-4 record after they beat the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 28-17 in Tallahassee. Oh well, enough about football...on to the news! First up, I noticed that JPAftermath has a link to some pretty cool behind the scenes footage that will be featured on the JP/// DVD which will hit the shelves next Tuesday. Most of the footage is stuff that you've probably already seen if you watched any of those sneek peeks before the movies theatrical release. The footage clocks in at a little over two minutes and can be viewed here.


I'm probably a little late with this but I was gone all weekend so here goes. Last week we reported that Premiere Props had started their ebay auction with some very cool items from the movie. Well since then they've updated their collection to include some pretty cool things like the dinosaur incubator that the gang found in the InGen lab and you can even bid on Dr. Alan Grant's sunglasses! There are many more items available so make sure to check that out. We'll be back soon with more so stay tuned!