Raptoralpha's bio

Real Name: Alain Vander Ginste
Status: Owner, Administrator
E-mail: Classified
Location: Namur, Belgium
Age: 31
Yahoo!: N/A
Fav JP Toy: JP S1 Spitting Dilophosaurus

I'm known in the great Internet world as Raptoralpha. I've started collecting JP stuff since 1993, and I've keep on collecting mostly because of nostalgia (not that I hate playing with them every now and then... ;-) ). Collecting JP toys in Europe isn't easy, since more than half of the toys aren't released outside the US, but thanks to eBay and various traders, the little collection that I had a few years ago became one of the two biggest Belgian collection... One of my hobbies is, like SiteC and Armothe, customizing unreleased toys or creating new ones. I've been on Jurassic Park boards for like 6 years, and I've been a mod on the 3 I liked the most: JP Toys, Jurassic Toys, and the infamous IngenNet...). Anyway, enough of my rambling! Have fun on the boards, enjoy the site's huge database, and never forget, when life sucks, look at these little plastic toys. Reminding of his childhood is the best drug out there...

Favorite Quote: "Whatever we do, in 100 years, we'll all be dead..."