Hey folks! What's the best way to start 2016? By discovering what the new Jurassic World Hybrid (or Dino Hybrid, according to the packaging) line will look like, of course! Thanks to ChrisLikesDinos, we have our first look at the Hybrid FX T-Rex, a retool of last year's Chomping Rex, packing a few new tricks: along with the chomping attack, this figure now has roaring sounds, and, as you can see, huge spikes sprouting out of its back, not unlike Chaos Effect's Amargospinus, all for (reportedly) the same price than the original toy. Like it? Hate it? At least, Hasbro didn't stop at a mere repaint and went the extra mile to retool this figure. We'll see what the rest of the line will look like, especially with recently uncovered figures like the Pteraminus, which have been added to the list below. Enjoy! :)

Jurassic World Alpha Cycle and Hybrid Raptor Pack -$19.99 - UPC 63050946452

Jurassic World Hybrid Raptor 1 B8635 Growler -$14.99 - UPC 63050946453
Jurassic World Hybrid Pteraminus Growler - $14.99 - UPC 630509476404
Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Growler - $14.99 - UPC 630509476411

Jurassic World Hybrid Armor Ankylosaurus B8629 Basher Biter UPC 63050945936
Jurassic World Hybrid Armor Indominus Rex B8628 Basher Biter UPC 63050945937
Jurassic World Hybrid SpinoRaptor B8633 Basher Biter UPC 63050946348
Jurassic World Hybrid Stegoceratops B8632 Basher Biter UPC 63050946349
Jurassic World Hybrid CarnoRaptor B8631 Basher Biter UPC 63050946350
Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex B8630 Basher Biter UPC 63050946449
Jurassic World Hybrid Tyrannosaurus Basher Biter UPC 630509471614

Jurassic World Hybrid FX T-Rex B6524 $19.99