Hey folks! This is it, the Jurassic World movie has finally, after 14 years of development, been released worldwide! Have you already seen it? Once or several times? Here at JPToys, we sure hope you did enjoy yourself. And in order to celebrate Jurassic World's release, we've finally unleashed the new Jurassic World sections!

You'll be able to see everything Hasbro has to offer, all four lines of them! Want to see what's new in the Classic line? Try your hand at becoming Dr Wu and create the ultimate hybrid in the Hero Mashers section? Miss the JP Junior toy line and want to discover Playskool's new offerings? Or maybe just play with toys after playing with Ludia's Jurassic World: The Game? The Brawlasaurs section is there for you.

Enjoy these new sections, and stay tuned! There's still more Jurassic World (and Park) goodness to be revealed and included in JPToys' database! ;)