Hey folks! It's been a while, but in the JP/JW toy collecting world, a lot happened! Since last update, TV spots and trailer for Jurassic World were released, toys and exclusives were discovered, and yup, the first JW figures are starting to see the shelves all over the world! So, indeed, there's a lot of controversy about the quality (or lack of, in some cases) of this new line, but hey, after years of drought, it's great to see new life being injected in our little collecting world! And meanwhile, here at JPToys, we're currently working under wraps in order to add news JW sections, as well as a few other surprises. So, sorry for the lack of updates, but it's for the best, as they say!

For today's news, though, we have a few interesting pictures to show you! First, Hasbro revealed the first repaints of the JW line, and... let's say that the colors are surprising (imagine if they had shown that on April 1st?). The new Stegoceratops is okay, but that Rex looks like Mountain Dew bottles were the only beverage available in its paddock. Thankfully, the packaged versions of the Ceratosaurus and the new Dilo make up for that. Enjoy!

Basher Stegoceratops repaint

Basher T-Rex repaint

Growler Dilophosaurus

Growler Ceratosaurus

So, stay tuned for our future updates! You won't be disappointed!