First, the Hasbro news: The Toys R Us item inventory system has delivered once again, providing a comprehensive list of toys that will be released next year for Jurassic World! While it is likely this list is incomplete and early, it does give a general concept of the scope and scale of next years line! The list is arranged by price, featuring the TRU item #’s, and listing name:

  • JP BAD BOY Feature Dino #231792- $29.99
  • JURASSIC T REX, #607463 $29.99
  • Jurassic Hero Mash Bad Boy, #596164, $29.99
  • JURASSIC DLX VEHICLE, #608494, $21.99
  • JP CAPTURE VEHICLE #231595- $19.99
  • JP HERO MASHERS TREX #596269- $19.99
  • JP BRAWLASAUR BATTLE SET #231366- $19.99
  • JP CHOMPING Dino Head #231660- $19.99
  • JURRASIC PARK RAPTOR CLAWS #596385- $19.99
  • JURASSIC WORLD GAME, #496734, $19.99
  • JURASSIC SFX CHOMPER DINO, #607180, $14.99
  • JP HERO MASH HYBRID DINO #596143- $14.99
  • JURASSIC TRACKER DINO, #607741 $9.99
  • JP BRAWLASAUR VERSUS 2 PK #231447- $9.99
  • JP HERO MASH DINO #596170- $9.99
  • JP 1 PACK BRAWLASAUR #231616- $5.99
  • JURASSIC STMP CHOMP DINO, #607145, $4.99

Those following Jurassic World movie news will already know that it contains a hybrid dinosaur, “Diabolus Rex”. We had received reports that Hasbro is currently showing off a D-Rex toy under the name of “Bad Boy Rex”, and these listings add credibility to that report. Descriptions of this new new Dinosaur do exist, but we will avoid describing it now to avoid spoilers. The good news- the toys shown apparently have the immaculate detail of 2013’s Pachyrhinosaurus and Allosaurus, but feature realistic colors and detailed paintjobs, unlike the more recent cartoony color schemes. One of the items Hasbro has reportedly shown off is a Mosasaur toy from the new film, which is painted in various deeper blue colors, and is finished with a gloss that makes it appear wet.

In other news, recent rumors that Lego has the Jurassic Park license have been confirmed as true! As of now, Lego has 5 sets planned, and while the names aren’t known, we do have product listings and the prices for New Zealand (via EuroBricks):

  • 49.99 - PT IP B 1
  • 79.99 - PT IP B 2
  • 109.99 - PT IP B 3
  • 149.99 - PT IP B 4
  • 219.99 - PT IP B 5

Further, we have learned that a Lego Jurassic Word video game is currently planned (we called Lego and received confirmation that it is something on the table)! Checkout for information from an internal Toys R Us memo, which claims Jurassic World is expected to be larger for them than the first film! It goes on to detail some of the marketing plans, which are incredibly comprehensive and exciting! Stay tuned as we dig deeper- it is likely news will begin to hit more frequently! Also, don’t forget to join our forums! If you have information, it is the ideal place to share!