Hey folks! Today, we've got another proof that even after more than 15 years, you can still discover new things about unreleased toys from old Jurassic Park lines. We present you, on behalf of our long-time contributor and resident "toy detective" DemonCarnotaur, a new concept art for a figure planned for the Lost World Series 2 line: the "Scout Hunter" with "Blood Hound Carno".

Indeed, as many people mentioned, this figure is rather reminiscent of the video game character Turok, but still, it would have made quite a unique and exciting new concept in the JP universe!

In other news, what we tentatively consider to be the Jurassic Park 4 logo (or maybe a place-holder logo, time will tell) has recently been revealed, along with the confirmation that JP4 will indeed be released in 2015. Patience is a virtue, but considering that we've been waiting since 2001, heck, what's two more years? Also, a summary of JP4's story has been posted on a well-known movie website, JoBlo (spoilers, obviously). It's still a bit early to consider this to be exactly what the movie will be about, especially with all the rewrites currently happening, but can you imagine what kind of cool toys we'll be having if they follow this story? 2015 can't come soon enough! And meanwhile, stay tuned!