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Hey folks! No big news for today, but something that many collectors have long been waiting for: JPToys' price guide has finally been updated! A huge thanks goes to staff member Roselaar who spent a long time working on a up-to-date guide. This was indeed long overdue, considering the guide hadn't been updated for several years... So feel free to cruise around the site and see how much you really should be expecting to pay in order to get these little plastic wonders. ;)

In other news, we also uploaded dozens of new pictures in the toy database, including many loose pictures (taken by fellow administrator Dutchallosaur) of items we only had packaged pics of, and variations, errors and other stuff submitted by our great forum members. Thanks to all of you, guys! You really help making JPToys the best Jurassic Park toys website on the internet. :)

Finally, you may have noticed we had a lot of changes in our staff recently. So, feel free to check our updated Staff page to meet JPToys' new faces!


Forum member Quetzalcoatlus posted yet another custom of his friend, Roberto. After the very good copy of the unreleased TLW series 2 Triceratops he managed to copy the Ultimasaurus from the Chaos Effect series. He even managed to modify the figure into something even more bad-ass! No T-Rex would want to meet this guy out in the open... More pictures are found here on the forums.

Ultimasaurus custom