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One has to be up to date with evolution, huh? ;) So yup, we finally created an official JPToys group on Facebook. You can join it through here: JPToys on Facebook.

In this group, you'll be able to upload pictures of your collections, custom figures, or dioramas for the whole world to see. And it will be easier to find and have social interaction with other JP toys fans worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Join today! :)



Apparently, some people never learn... Following our article posted on Sunday 25 April 2010, warning potential buyers of Julian, a scammer from Germany trying to sell a custom Desert Spinosaurus and a custom Tropical Raptor while claiming them to be the real deal, it appears that our dear Julian tried to scam unsuspecting buyers on eBay, as you can see here:

Julian followed our "advice" by adding a clumsy-made JP tag, but, how low can you get, also decided to steal JPToys' banner graphic and add it to this auction, as well as all his other auctions. Of course,eBay has been contacted about this, considering that stealing graphics from a website for commercial purpose is legally considered as misdemeanor, but meanwhile, eBayers, beware of this jul-ben seller... Big thanks goes to Jannis, who alerted us about this.

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