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For once, we have not really pleasant news to pass. We recently were contacted by a person named Julian (last name not mentioned for privacy reasons), from Germany, who was claiming to own both Desert Spinosaurus and Tropical Velociraptor (the infamous CamoXtreme unreleased figures) loose, and wanting to sell them for $500. Here are the pictures that were attached to the mail we received:

Sadly, this story doesn't hold together anymore after closer examination. The JP tag... All of the CamoXtreme toys had the JP/// logo, and nope, these two don't. And, as forum member 0thebigwytec5 revealed, both were recently sold on eBay (as seen here and here, but this time clearly labeled as custom figures.

It's a shame, because these two toys are very good customs. But at $250 each, when they were bought at $40... So, if any of you receive such a mail from that person, you know what to do...


Wow, this is indeed quite an unexpected story we bring you today! We recently received info from a video game company called "Fool Proof" about a new game currently being made, and loosely based on the Chaos Effect toy line: "Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Unleashed"! Yup, you read it right. 2010 is definitely going to be a big year for Jurassic Park! Fool Proof didn't reveal a lot about their game, but apparently, they're going to use the "genetically mutated dinos on the loose" plot from the old toy line. And indeed, the box art shows a lot about their vision of the Chaos Effect universe. The "Teen" rating is a bit strange, but after all, why not? It's better to have a game made for everyone than no game at all.

So, stay tuned for more about this very exciting project. And meanwhile, feel free to discuss this news on our forums! :)

Update: Yup, as most of you guessed it, this news was indeed a good old April's Fools prank (hence the Fool Proof company logo). The art is originally from VyToR, a DeviantART artist from Mexico. Make sure to check out his awesome art! And stay tuned for "real" news, this time. ;)

Chaos Effect Unleashed