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Well, it looks like 2010 may indeed be quite a big year for Jurassic Park! Forum member DemonCarnotaur recently posted pictures of small "super-deformed" dinosaur figures, a Pteranodon and a Stegosaurus, both very similar to what was seen in the short-lived Jurassic Park Junior line released nine years ago. These toys belong to the owner of the AWE Striker vehicles we talked about last month, so they are more than probably official. For the time being, we don't have the confirmation that these two are indeed from a new Jurassic Park Jr line, but, as usual, time will tell.

Speaking of the AWE Strikers, forum member Wildweasel posted many pictures of both variations over at our forums. You can check them out in this thread. Will they be released? Do they really belong to the Jurassic Park line? We'll find out soon enough - maybe at the 2010 Toy Fair, which starts on February 14 at New York. Stay tuned!

Pteranodon Stegosaurus


Is there a best way to start a new year than with new Papo figures? Forum member Macularius recently discovered over at Dan's Dinosaurs two pictures of what appear to be a "new" Velociraptor, as well as a Plesiosaurus from Papo. So, yup, looks like we're going to have a grand total four new Paposaurs to add to our collection for 2010! Even though it's a bit disappointing to see that this Velociraptor is just a repaint of the one released in 2005, we have to admit that this new paint job is interesting indeed, as well as very similar to the Velociraptors' colors in Jurassic Park 3. No release date is known for the time being.

Velociraptor Plesiosaurus