Well, after a rather long drought from Papo for 2009, looks like they decided to redeem themselves! After the recent reveal of their new Oviraptor, Papo released a catalog picture of their latest creation: the Pachyrhinosaurus! Yet another little-known, unusual animal turned into a piece of art by this french company. Indeed, it's not inspired by any Jurassic Park dinosaur, but still, it looks too good for any collector to pass on. For your viewing pleasure, we added a new page for this awesome figure. Stay tuned for more pictures as they surface!

In other news, we have a huge batch of no less than 33 new reviews from our great reviewer and forum member Roselaar! This time, he took care of the whole Jurassic Park Series 2 line, as well as a few left-overs from the Lost World and Chaos Effect lines. So, a big thanks goes to Roselaar! Good read! :)