Yup, you read it right: Jurassic Park 2K10. Of course, for the time being, these are only rumors, but still, from what we know, 2010 is shaping up to be a great (if expensive) year for Jurassic Park figures collectors! Here's the juicy bit: a few days ago, a reliable source revealed that there are few new sculpts that have been worked on for the next JP toy line, which should be released in 2010. Yes, new sculpts! Of course, for privacy reasons, he couldn't reveal which dinosaurs are going to appear in this new line, but he could still tell us that the line isn't just repaints and the new sculpts will be VERY easy to spot amidst the many repainted older figures, or that there will be plenty of new dino figures as well as (much improved) new humans, but that although the new figures are vastly superior to what has come out in the past, they could still be more accurate. And to the questions about the presence of new vehicles: "However I can answer this question, though I don't want to give away too much. Let just say it is a full line of toys- everything you would expect from a Hasbro boy's toy line. ;) ". Excited yet? I know I am. :)

In other news, we recently could settle the brown/orange T-Rex debate about the JP2K9 Trike/T-Rex 2-pack. It is indeed a true variation, and not just a prototype/released figure matter. Both versions can be found in the US and in Europe, so, variation hunters, you know what to do. ;)

And, finally, much to everyone's surprise, it appears that Papo released a new dinosaur: the Oviraptor. It was found by forum member Macularius on a french website called Eveil Et Jeux. Forum moderator Dutchallosaur took her chance, ordered one, and recently received it. A picture of it can be found on this toy's new page. Enjoy! :)