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Now, here's a great way to kick off Autumn 2008! JPToys was lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire one sample of the gem that was discovered three weeks ago, and is now proud to present you several close-up shots from the Ornithosuchus with Dinosaur Trapper. Feel free to take a look at these high-definition pictures!

Also, we have two new galleries in the Fan's Corner to present you. First, a new collection gallery from Justin, with loads of rare, mint-in-box toys. And also up for your viewing pleasure, a custom gallery from long-time forum member Angelrex, which includes customs inspired by unproduced toys, hatchlings and juveniles inspired by well-known JP toys like Bull or Thrasher T-Rexes, and pure creations. Enjoy!


We're happy to present you a new Ultimasaurus prototype that was recently unearthed by forum member Barbara22, from France. Simply by contacting Hasbro France, she had, with some patience, the opportunity to get in touch with someone from the US who had worked on the Chaos Effect line. And luckily for her, that person still had an Ultimasaurus prototype and was ready to sell it. And that's how Barbara22 could get her hand on this gem, and was kind enough to share great quality pictures of her find.

Two new close-ups (front view and back view) have been added on the Ultimasaurus page, as well as a bigger version of the picture seen below. Enjoy! :)

*UPDATE*: We've been told that these pictures aren't from an Ultimasaurus owned by forum member Barbara, but in fact were taken by toy designer Tim Bradley, who worked on the Chaos Effect line, and was kind enough to be interviewed by JPToys a few months ago. So, to give credits back to where it's due, thanks a lot for these pictures, Mr. Bradley!

Ultimasaurus prototype


So, after our latest ground-breaking news about the Ornithosuchus with Dino Trapper, how about some reading? Regular contributor Roselaar has written a huge lot of reviews, including the four last ones of the Chaos Effect line, and reviews for each toy in the first Jurassic Park line. Be sure to take a look at them!

Also from Roselaar, we have several pictures of European variations of human figures (by the way, notice how European Skinners and Dr. Snares were part of the "Dino-Raiders" instead of "Evil Raiders"), as well as supposedly US-only dinos like the Carnotaurus. Definitely worth a look. And did you know that some Alan Grant figures from the JP3 line wore two pants? Well, the factory error pictures sent by forum member 0thebigwytec5 proves it!

And finally, for those wanting to know more about the Ornithosuchus with Dino Trapper proto that showed up recently, stay tuned. More news about this gem coming soon. ;)