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Well, it didn't take long! As forum member Diurnal noticed, and after only 10 days, the Exclusive Edition of the Rex versus Raptors statue is already sold out! I hope you all had the opportunity to pre-order one. But if you didn't, don't worry, you can always add yourself to the Wait List, and still have a chance to get one if someone else cancels his order. Or you can settle with the regular edition which costs the same price, but doesn't include the neat "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth" banner... Also, Sideshow revealed how many Exclusive Edition statues will be produced: 400 pieces. As you can see, it's quite a limited edition, as they probably wanted to test the waters before unleashing a full-scale line of statues. No word about how big the production number of the regular will be, though...
Also, don't forget to check out below your statue when you'll receive it. Since each piece is numbered, think of how cool it would be to own the 1st or the 400th statue!


So, it's time for the big reveal. Weeks ago, I gave a little hint on our forums about finding something quite interesting. Well, this something finally arrived, and there it is: a packaged sample of the unreleased Series 2 Estemmenosuchus, along with another packaged sample of the Scutosaurus planned for the same series. These two gems were found in China, and were probably packaging test shots that were snatched by some worker before being destroyed. Make sure to check out this thread in our forums for more info and pictures about them!


My, my, my, four news in four days?! Aren't we lucky? So, here's the scoop: forum member DemonCarnotaur noticed two very interesting features on Sideshow's website: a new article about the making of their Jurassic Park diorama, along with a neat video of their creative discussing their product (scroll down and click on "Backstage Pass" to see that video). It's nice to see that diorama was made by people truly passionate about dinosaurs, and of course, to see how this beauty came to be.


A very interesting interview was posted by member JPobsessed on our forums about an interview with Tim Bradley, a freelance designer, illustrator and author who had the opportunity to work on the Jurassic Park toy line. This interview was made for a Transformers website, but still, several questions focus around Jurassic Park. Make sure to have a look at this. Oh, and if anyone knows how to contact Mr. Bradley, or if he reads this, please send us an email at We'd be very interested to have an interview with him. In other news, we're proud to open our latest gallery: the Sideshow Collectibles gallery! This gallery is a bit empty right now, but it will be updated when new items will be announced by Sideshow. Enjoy!


With a small delay, here is a little news about a prototype that was recently for sale on eBay: an unpainted testshot of the Dino-Snare Dirt Bike from the Lost World toy line. This item ended at $207.50 but, sadly, didn't meet the reserve price listed by the seller. With all these prototypes showing up on eBay and the Sideshow news, we can really call ourselves JP fans quite lucky, especially after the 2007 news drought! JPToys is also happy to welcome a new affiliate: Jurassic Toys. Be sure to check out their new design, and great-looking database!


Finally, after months of expectations, Sideshow revealed today their first collectible based on the Jurassic Park franchise. And boy did they deliver! This awesome statue is a recreation of the final scene from the first movie: the Rex versus Raptors fight. I won't tell you more, and will let you enjoy the several pictures posted on Sideshow's website (click on the logo below). The pricetag is quite high, as we could expect, but for $249.99, I would say it's definitely worth it. Also, make sure to check out the exclusive edition which also includes the "When Dinosaurs Rued The Earth" banner. Also, in other news, we have two new dioramas by member JPDude. Make sure to check them out on his diorama gallery!


The 2008 US Toy Fair is getting closer and closer as we speak, and Sideshow recently put a banner in their website with shadows of what we might expect to see. And look at the second shadow... Doesn't it seem awfully familiar to you? So, it looks like the first "confirmed" Sideshow JP collectible will be a statue or diorame of the King itself: good ol' Rexie. Only a few more days to wait and we will finally get to see it in all its glory. Thanks Oviraptor for the heads up!


From the same seller who brought to surface the prototypes from last week, a few prototypes recently showed up on eBay: several urethane prototype of the Coelophysis' limbs (from the first Jurassic Park series), and a primed sample of a Jaws Jackson figure. They respectively sold for $53.77 and $102.50, which shows that such items don't go for much these days. However, I can understand people not getting crazy about a handful of limbs, even if they're a nice example of what happened during the production of these toys... Thanks goes to forum regular Raptorbite for the heads up! And in other news, we have a new collection to show. Guillaume, from France, was kind enough to send us pictures of his wonderful collection, so feel free to take a look at it on the collections section.


Looks like 2008 is getting much more interesting than 2007 for us JP fans! Recently, a handful of prototypes were being sold on eBay: an urethane prototype of Dr. Snare (from the second Jurassic Park series), and a lot with an unpainted hardcopy proto of Snare, along with an Alan Grant painted test shot. They respectively sold for $255 and $108, not much considering the scarcity of these items. Still, this kind of auction gives us a nice insight about how these toys that we love so much are produced, so it's always good to see them.


The JP Toys staff will be holding our first open chat in years through a random AIM chatroom and you're all invited!. Back in the day we used to do this regularly and it was always a lot of fun for everyone involved. The date and time has been decided, and we'll have a little chat with you this upcoming Saturday 2/9/08 at 9:00 EST. For all further details, be sure to check this thread in our forum, all info will be posted there. Can't wait to see you guys!