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Check out these cool scans that forum member 'Raptorbite' stumbled upon at a local Goodwill store. He found them in a booklet that was inserted with a VHS copy of The Lost World. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view:


Forum member 'Raptorbite' spotted this Cyclops Raptor prototype on ebay recently and was kind enough to pass it along. Here's what the seller has to say about it:

"Here's something that you don't see every day. Up for auction is one, rare, loose test shot of the Jurassic Park II The Lost World Site B Cyclopse Raptor. Test shots are the first toy samples ever "shot" prior to a production run. They are generally for approval, mold issues, plastic shrinkage, part fitting, stress tests, etc. Some shots are multi colored (like this one) using any of the available plastics already sitting in the machine. If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, then this rare collectors item belongs in your collection."

Rare indeed and it looks legit enough to us. It's interesting the rate at which some of these protos have been showing up in the last year or so. Definitely more than I can remember in the past. Anyway, if you happen to be the lucky one who wins this auction and would like to share some pics, please feel free to contact us and do so.


Well there's good news and bad news. The good news is that JP won the poll in a landslide. The bad news is that JP was not announced at this years Comic-Con. Apparently Sideshow announced a Conan The Barbarian line. Don't be discouraged though because these poll results can't do anything but help JP in the future with regards to Sideshow.

In other news, an interesting collection thread popped up on our forum over the weekend that shows what appears to be the unreleased CE Ultimasaurus (along with a few other unreleased items). We haven't heard back from this member since the posting so there's no way to verify its authenticity just yet. In the meantime, you can check it out on our forum and decide for yourself. We will of course pass along any updates on this if/when they become available so please stay tuned.