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The folks over at Sideshow Collectibles currently have a poll up wanting to know which license would you like them to announce at Comic-Con this year. Currently Jurassic Park is in a VERY close second place behind only 'Conan The Barbarian'. At least one license will be announced at Comic-Con. Sideshow Collectibles specializes in very unique & detailed maquettes, statues and action figures from several movie properties such as Star Wars, LOTR, Aliens, and many more. This could provide a very unique opportunity for JP fans to play a part in possibly getting some amazing JP collectibles released and all you have to do is vote! The poll is located through the red banner on the right side of their homepage directly above the Pre-Order Products area.


Remember that uber rare Ultimasaurus that showed up on ebay (see April 5th update) and caused so much fuss recently? It ended at the time with no apparent winner and no chance at us learning more about it. Well forum moderator 'Raptoralpha' and member 'Andrewsaurus' recently inquired about its fate and received the following from the seller:

"That figure was already sold a few months ago. My son had intended to re-list it on eBay, but we got an offer from a private collector for $5,000 and he just couldn't turn it down. And I'm sorry, but I can't provide you with more pictures of the dinosaur, as part of the deal the buyer asked that I didn't. "

So there you have it. Will we ever get to the bottom of this mystery? Doesn't seem like it at this point. But then again, stranger things have happened so you never know. To the collector who purchased it, we would be thrilled (to say the least) if you would like to contact us here at JPtoys and shed some light on this very rare gem.


We've seen JP Dino Dogs & Nuggets so far so why not JP LunchAsaurus? Semms like the next logical step...right? Well forum member 'Spinosaur122' came across these (well actually his girlfriend did...heh) at a local Wal-Mart for about $2 a piece. You can choose from Jurassic (Ham & American), Raptor (Nachos) and T-Rex (Turkey & American). Each package back contains word games as well as fun dino facts (Spino, Raptor and T-Rex). That not enough for ya? Well each LunchAsaurus also includes this water pack pack to wash things down with. That's a good call based on the taste of the dogs & nuggets.

*Update - 7/3* - Forum member 'garrettjdg' came across yet another LunchAsaurus, Prehistoric Pizza. Here's a shot of the back as well.

Also today, I want to take the time to wish those of you in the States a very happy & SAFE 4th of July celebration. I hope that you keep our men & women overseas that are in harms way in your thoughts and prayers.