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Over a month ago we posted a story (see 3/6 update) regarding the interesting find of some "official" JP chicken (I think?) nuggets. Well you can now add even more mystery meat to your JP menu as several people have emailed/posted with spottings of JP hot dogs made with turkey, pork & chicken (no raptor?). Forum member 'jurassicjunior' was even kind enough to snap a pic. I'm afraid to see what might be lurking around the corner with this product line but as always, please let us know if you spot anything.


No, this isn't our idea of a late April Fool's joke (although it would've made a good one). Forum member 'Piltdown Chickenraptors' came across an ebay auction recently that may just have the only "unreleased" Chaos Effect Ultimasaurs that we've seen so far. Is it the real deal or perhaps a clever custom? Click here for the pic. We will of course keep you updated if/when we receive any more info. on this potential stunning find.

(UPDATE 4/09) - The auction has ended with apparently no winner according to the seller who told us that the item was withdrawn so that he could take more time to properly evaluate the item's worth and go from there. We can only hope that it will pop up on ebay again sometime soon so that we'll have another chance to solve this mystery. Until then, stay tuned for further updates and please pass along anything you see fit as it relates to this story.